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Here are a few of our clients. Some are brochure type websites and some are web stores. This is only a partial list to show you some of the features we offer. Contact us for a complete list.
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Boost bottom lines with video
Houston, Texas – Today’s consumer is a visual learner. They are inundated with information on all sides, and the majority of this information is quickly forgotten or ignored altogether.

Online retailers and sellers need the latest tools and tricks to secure customers, and one of the best ways to do this is with video.
Tim Johnson of explained it like this, “If you give most people a choice between reading 10 paragraphs of text or watching a short video, they will pick the video most of the time.”

Johnson and his company specialize in web design with a strong emphasis on video and video production. He works with various groups and businesses in the Houston area with television, video and web pages. His videos on pages, particularly for mobile pages, have been a huge benefit to his customers and clients.

“These days, you have to use video on the home page of your website to engage your customers, especially with mobile visitors,” Johnson added.

TJTexas videos are produced and use YouTube as a platform. Those looking to SEO for page rank will appreciate that Google now owns YouTube. Optimized video is sure to reach the front page of Google quickly and with little effort, exactly where customers will look 90 percent of the time for a business.TJTexas also offers SEO, photography and e-commerce for those looking to start online businesses. His customers range from non-profit organizations to multi-million dollar corporations.

“I pride myself on full service, multi-media. This way there is no element of a client’s specific needs that we cannot assist in implementing,” said Johnson. A partial portfolio of TJTexas work is available on the website. Visitors can see pages, photographs and video. Visit


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