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Houston, live event streaming is now availble through Tim Johnson & Company. For more information, please contact us!

Can can stream your corporate event or presentation, party, grand opening,  church service..... whatever you may need. Our Texas video streaming service can even cover weddings, for friends and family that can't make it to town.

More informaiton to follow! Contact us today for a free quote!

Houston Video Streaming Service - NOW AVAILABLE 

Tim Johnson and Co.
For Immediate Release

Baytown, Texas – Already a well-established webdesigner and SEO service, is expanding
their operations to include live streaming video production in Baytown, a suburb of Houston, Texas.
Live streaming is perfect for various industries that depend upon video advertising for their services, 
and many local, Houston-area businesses also use live streaming as part of their corporate events.
“For business in Houston looking for live streaming event coverage, I now have the professional 
equipment and knowledge to help make this happen. Many of my clients already have embedded video
on their websites for better SEO, and adding live streaming will certainly increase their ranks even 
more,” said Tim Johnson, CEO of

Johnson made this addition to meet the demands and needs of the ever changing online world and 
environment. Already a major metropolitan area, Houston is ripe for video production and video 
streaming services.

Many companies and websites rely on pre-packaged video, but these quickly become trite and stale for 
the visitor. Live video streaming keeps the information and product fresh for the visitors, customers 
and consumers. More and more companies recognize this fact and are quickly making the switch to 
streaming video.

Johnson works primarily in the Houston area, and he is available for work outside of the immediate 
Houston area as well. His interests lie in corporate video streaming.
“Houston is such a huge hub for major corporations and businesses that many of them need live video 
streaming to meet the demands of an ever increasing online world. This means being able to connect 
with customers and other business partners across Texas, the U.S. and the world quickly and easily. 
Video streaming services are not just a luxury any longer,” said Johnson.
Besides corporate video streaming, Johnson can incorporate his photography work with video 
streaming. This is perfect for special, private and personal events for families, churches and other 

“Weddings, birthday parties and more are easy to stream and are a great idea for family members that 
are far away or even serving in the military overseas,” said Johnson, “and adding photography to it 
means capturing events that will last for a lifetime.”

Meanwhile, Johnson will continue to have his various services available to customers. Video streaming
services will just be a new addition to his growing and successful business.

“Anyone who is looking to have a virtual presence online or wanting to expand their current market to 
a wider scope needs to contact Let us help grow your business to an even higher level of
success with communication, profitability and the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction,” 
said Johnson.More information, including information about other services, is available on the website. Visit for details.

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